polishing & cleaning sterling silver and gold

Good news, the best way to avoid your silver jewelry getting tarnished is to wear your jewelry often! The oils in your skin will keep the silver clean. When you aren’t wearing your silver pieces often, store in air-tight bag.

to clean

  • Baking soda & water: make a ball of baking soda and water and use a clean cloth to rub and polish.  Rinse with warm running water and dry with clean cloth.
  • When cleaning and polishing a necklace, be sure to be extra gentle with the chain.
  • If you’re looking for something quick, instant and portable, use a treated polishing cloth like the Sunshine Cloth. The cloth is treated with jewelry cleaning chemicals but it is non scratching and works great on gold, silver, brass and bronze.
  • Some of your pieces may have patina or oxidation as part of the design.  Be extra careful when cleaning these pieces, as you may clean away this design aspect. For pieces with black accents in carved/recessed areas, a treated polishing cloth would be your best bet.

keeping your jewelry looking like new 

Taking good care of your silver jewelry will keep it shinier, longer.

  • Wearing silver often tends to keep it looking its best as the oils in your skin will naturally “clean” the silver and keep tarnish away.
  • Avoid cleaning or using harsh chemicals when wearing your silver jewelry; avoid exposure to household cleaners.
  • Avoid doing household cleaning and cooking with sulphur-containing ingredients, e.g. eggs, mustard, mayo and onion. 
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubbing and sunbathing with silver jewelry on. Water, especially city water, can be harsh on metals.
  • Put your jewelry on after you apply lotions, perfume, make-up and other beauty products. The chemicals in these products can react with silver, accelerate tarnishing.
  • We do not recommend using commercial silver polishes or dips.  These are harsh and toxic - not good for the person doing the cleaning or the environment.
  • LOVE your jewelry! When you’re buying quality, handmade pieces, take special care of them. Treat each with respect. And if you ever have questions about your piece email the maker directly. They are a wealth of information and know exactly how to care for every piece they’ve made.