Tonic Jewelry & Design – lifting spirits, boosting energy.

We have the latest. We’re local, handmade and always innovative. Tonic is the go-to shop for locals with an appetite for originality, as well as a place that visitors seek out to see an evolving west coast aesthetic.

What you’ll find here is a concentrated selection of what the West Coast Maker community has to offer. You’ll find innovative, outside the box designs made of new created mediums. Always handmade by real people; either made on site or by other local artists from Victoria, Vancouver Island, The Mainland or in a few cases, other provinces in Canada. You may also find the torches blazing as we work away on site.

Tonic contains the works of real people with a passion for their work and community.


You'll also find a beautiful West Coast inspired space with a comfy couch to take a load off, great music (well we think it’s great!), a bottomless bowl of white rabbit candies to indulge and peppermint essential oils diffusing to refresh and invigorate.

Owner Honor Cienska has been a prominent contributor to Victoria's handmade and designing community for over 2 decades. Through the creation of Tonic, Honor aims to educate the public on discerning what is truly ethically and locally made. With that mission in mind, you won’t find pieces that are “made locally” by assembling imported jewelry components or jewelry designed locally but produced abroad. She is committed to supporting the local economy and community so she keeps production, manufacturing and material sourcing as local as possible.